Privacy Statement

Original: 4 January 2007
Last Update on 2 January 2012
Current Version: 1.1

1) This Privacy Statement (the 'Statement') describes the Physical World Database (also, us, our, we) philosophy on user privacy, what data we collect, how we use it and how we protect it as it applies to this Service.

Our Philosophy
2) Physical World Database is a privacy-conscience organization that adheres to two practices in personal identifiable information, 'Conservative Collection Strong Protection'(CCSP) and the 'Narrow Margin' models.

(a) The 'Conservative Collection Strong Protection' model is based on the premise that we collect the minimal amount of personal information needed for the transaction or service at hand (or declared).

(b) The 'Narrow Margin' practice dictates that the margin of use or deviation from the original intent and purpose for such collected data be narrow in scope, and when exceeding that narrow margin that those exceptions be clearly defined in the site Privacy Policy.

The remainder of this document outlines our interpretation and application of these key concepts.

Collection of User Data
4) Financial transactions initiated on require the collection of personal information as defined by various financial institutions and or payment processors to successfully complete online orders. With respect to the CCSP model above, we collect only the data that we either need or are likely to need for the successful completion of an online purchase transaction. We do not store or interact with complete user credit card numbers with the exception of rare cases when a payment processor may see fit to share such data with us for administrative purposes.

5) We collect online user data in a secure server environment operating under a Corporate Extended Validation SSL certificate as confirmed by a third party confirmation company identified at the bottom of all secure pages. We operate with the highest communication encryption algorithm (256 bit) for those browsers that will support it.

6) With respect to the Narrow Margin practice, we do not use your financial transaction data for any purpose other than what it was submitted for, with the exception of legal imperatives. We do not solicit your home mailing address and we do not share such data with any third party.

7) In the user registration process we ask only that you submit your name and email. We use member sign-up contact information to communicate with users on such things as: the status of an account, pending expiration dates, policy changes and alerts that we identify as having the potential to improve the user experience or quality of service.

8) The Service incorporates the use of cookies for those browsers so configured to accept them. Cookies are small text files that communicate, in our use, computer based (non-personal) information with the goal of understanding the effectiveness of our site design model and to improve the user interaction with our site. We historically have continued to improve the efficiency and expand the use of cookies to provide information on such areas as site traffic patterns, user browser type, IP address (if applicable), customer site navigation, country of origin, security management, ad rotation (if used) and the user presentation model in general. Although capable of such, cookies as we use them, do not communicate individual user information, such as user name, in advance of a user logging onto the Service web site. The information that cookies provide, in our use, is highly specific to the operational patterns of this site and would have minimal external value. Irregardless, we do not release such data to any third parties outside of the limited exchange needed for the operational mechanics of ecommerce transactions, site support and legal requests.

Physical Security
9) The minimal customer data that we may physically store, print or digital, is secure to a standard equal to or greater than industry expectations of personal identifiable information, all of which is thoroughly deleted and or disposed of at the earliest opportunity. Our data protection practices allow limited administrative access to any encrypted data stores that we may house. Our Standard Operational Policy (SOP) does not allow for the transportation of digital customer data (i.e. laptop, external data drives) in non-encrypted form.

User Access
10) Site users may access, change preferences and or correct all personal identifiable information that we maintain by online account access or by contacting customer support 24/7. In order to better protect our users, direct contact may require a time delay resulting from the reasonable steps we take to verify customer identity prior to granting access to such data. For assistance contact: