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Purpose & Description

The Physical World Database archive is a special purpose database designed for the long-term preservation of information related to physical objects and structures that have a historical or educational relevance to social interest. This database uses distributed version control with branches under international independent custodianship to ensure data redundancy and survival.


Input Requirements

Administratively, this archive accepts data files that are considered 'historically significant to the human record'.
Functionally, this archive accepts text, image and location meta data.



Physical World Database users include city, state, church, educators, private entities and individuals with historically significant contributions. Database read access is publicly available. Database input is managed by request.


PhysicalWorldDatabase.org \ physical world database \, n : A not-for-profit repository of information about physical world objects. The project was organized in 2006 and is currently utilized in more than 20 countries by historians, educators, trainers, instructors and those with specialized interest in object-based information exchange.

Associated terms include 'hardlink', 'physical world hyperlink', 'physical world connection' and 'Internet of things' to describe the construct of method and process to exchange information between objects and humans.

Associated symbolism includes two forward slashes in front of an alphanumeric sequence as found on a target object. The two forward slashes identify the following sequence as a hardlink, index or reference number as used by the Physical World Database to return related information. This database is currently being used in support of emerging technologies including image recognition, QR code, barcode and multiple RFID technologies.

Thank you for your interest in the Physical World Database.